For the past 10 years Misha has been a worshipper who has dedicated her life to the art of music and the ministry of worship.

Growing up as the only child of modern day psalmist Marty Goetz and his wife Jennifer, Misha’s earliest memories formed in Nashville behind the piano where she composed her first recorded song at the age of eight. “As a Messianic Jew, my dream is to unite Christian and Jew in worship of the Holy One of Israel,” says Misha. Her style of worship builds upon decades of her father’s ministry and yet incorporates her own youthful style and anointing.

Her first full-length album, Weight of Glory, was released summer 2013 to critical acclaim with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign. Her debut album is a blend of Messianic and Christian worship styles with most of the songs written and produced by Misha herself. 

On Weight of Glory:

A great balance of upbeat, reflective, intimate, corporate, old and new... This project has something for everyone! Hopefully the first of many to come! 
- Chris McClarney, Jesus Culture Worship Leader    

Misha’s project entitled, “Weight Of Glory” is, in a word, beautiful.
-Tommy Walker , Worship Leader and Song Writer

Scripturally fluent, with interpretive depth and the ability to sing and write across genres, Misha declares God’s holiness, righteousness and goodness on her impressive solo debut “Weight of Glory”… Each song resonates with a faith and maturity far beyond her years. 
- Andrea Hunter, Worship Leader Magazine

Above all, Misha’s desire is that her music would penetrate to the heart and usher people into the presence of the Lord. Her heart is to see a generation touched and transformed through surrender in worship.

"I love to worship, and it is my greatest joy to see people blessed and changed, the way I am changed in His presence," says Misha.

Last year, Misha made the move from Los Angeles back to Nashville with her husband Joshua Hoyt, and their now two-year-old son, Caleb Vincent Hoyt. Misha and her father released their first album together, L’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to Generation in 2017, and the father-daughter duo just released another self-produced project, Marty Goetz & Misha: LIVE from Jerusalem, filmed in May 2018 while on their first and very own worship tour through Israel.