"With the girl-next-store charm of Kari Jobe, the vocal purity of Shannon Wexelberg, and an endearing sweetness all her own, Misha Goetz has an identifiable and unique creative voice as a worship leader that invites listening to—closely. Scripturally fluent, with interpretive depth and the ability to sing and write across genres, Misha Goetz declares God’s holiness, righteousness and goodness on her impressive solo debut Weight of Glory. Seldom does a worship artist write as well as they sing, or sing as well as they write, but Misha is ambi-gifted, and multi-talented. The congregations she has led in worship and concertgoers who have watched her grow up, occasionally offering a song on one of her father’s albums (worship artist Marty Goetz) or at a live performance, could see this coming. But for those new to her artistry, it will be a delightful surprise. The beauty of this album is that it is not all about Misha; it’s all about God. Each song resonates with a faith and maturity far beyond her 22 years. The title track “Weight of Glory” weaves Paul’s words in II Corinthians 4 with a hint of Hebrews into an evocative and encouraging song perfect for congregations (as is the opening track, “The Righteous One”). Misha’s lyrics draw from Scripture across Testaments, and she doesn’t settle for shallow theology. Lovely, compelling melodies abound: “Kedushah,” proclaiming God’s Holiness, a simple ascending chorus, which she sings in both Hebrew and English; the classic and semi-classical hymn “Be Still My Soul” (Von Sheigle/Sibelius); and “Aaronic Blessing.” The latter sung with her father and reminiscent of his beautiful balladry is the perfect finish to any service—and to Weight of Glory as its final track. But Misha won’t be defined by a style and deftly moves beyond her piano-driven ballads seasoned with strings to more ebullient pop-rock, such as “Cry No More (Joy Song)” and “For You Are Good,” the latter written with Mom Jenny and Dad Marty. The sweet “Ani l’Dodi (I Am My Beloved’s)” shares double duty as a Song of Solomon inspired love song to the Lord and the perfect wedding song. Best of all, Since Misha is her own executive producer, and has gotten the hang of funding her projects through Kickstarter, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next one.

More: Appreciate Misha’s ability to spin sweet singable melodies that also have lyrical depth and scriptural clout, plus the balanced mix of congregational, devotional and special music.

Less: Restraint on the more up tempo pieces.

4 stars

- Andrea HunterWorship Leader Magazine



Weight of Glory is, in truth, weighty because it is saturated with scripture. Thank you, Misha for treasuring God's word in your heart so that it comes out in your song!”

- Nancy Guthrie, Bible Teacher and Author



"Misha's music is so pure! The purity in Misha's voice is so refreshing to me. I love it because there is no agenda, other than to worship the Lord! The purity and simplicity in Misha's heart really comes through in her music. I find that when I'm listening, my heart begins to connect to His heart in a simple, yet fresh way and I love it!"

- Jeff Dollar, Senior Pastor at Grace Center (Franklin, TN)



It’s impossible to reflect on Misha’s music without Scripture coming to mind … and with no sacrilege intended, I think of 2 Corinthians 9:15—Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.  This is music—lyric and melody—that is a gift, that lifts the soul.  And as lovely as is the artist’s musicianship, and as pleasant to the ear the orchestrations, what is remarkable in this compilation of tunes is that each one focuses clear attention on the God of Abraham and on His Son, Jesus Christ.  Thanks be to God, indeed, for Misha Goetz’s passion for music that evokes worship.  She’s created a CD that will encourage many to enter into that in deeply meaningful ways!

- Peggy S. Campbell , President of Ambassador Advertising Agency



"Misha's album is powerful in two specific ways. It not only brings you to the throne in worship, it also heightens your intimate awareness of Yeshua's presence as you worship. Thank you Misha for using a hymn that will never die."

- Raleigh and Paulette Washington,  Promise Keepers International



"A great balance of upbeat, reflective, intimate, corporate, old and new... This project has something for everyone! Hopefully the first of many to come!"

- Chris McClarney,  Worship Leader and Song Writer of "Your Love Never Fails"    



Misha Goetz project entitled, Weight Of Glory  is, in a word, beautiful, and with the hundreds of Christian CDs being released every year what makes this one special to me are the songs sung in Hebrew. I  sense a special touch on her life when she sings these songs -- especially "Kedushah."

-Tommy Walker , Worship Leader and Song Writer


"It's not always a given that the child of a minister will follow in ministry.  It's also not a given that the child of a gifted musician will inherit a similar gifting.  Just one listen to Weight of Glory by Misha Goetz will provide a definite answer that yes, she is a minister and yes she is a gifted musician. Misha's voice is beautiful, pure and inspiring. Her playing is expressive and worshipful and the songs are full of the kind of depth spiritually that lets the listener know she isn't just a child from a ministry family but more importantly a gifted member of the family of God!! I look forward to seeing how the Lord is going to use her in the future as she shares her songs, her voice and her ministry."

- Hanz Ives , Worship Leader and Song Writer at Harvest Christian Fellowship (Riverside, CA)